my favorite thing on earth is my husband

A few words about my daughter. She has been an absolute JOY since her arrival in our family.

Oftentimes she gets put in the sideline while I deal with her very active and mischievous big brother but she never complains. Always perfectly happy in her swing or sleeping the day away. She’s a perfect sleeper, hungry hungry little bear and sweet as can be.

What I love most about her is how happy she is all the time. Any time we look at her, she whole face brightens and she smiles, laughs and squeals — flapping her arms in happiness 😍 And whenever big brother is around, she cranes her neck to get a better glimpse of what he’s up to.

Her little face, chubby arms and legs, floofy hair and slight head tilt are so freaking cute to me.

My mom always says God knows what your family needs when he gives you a child and I’m finding that to be so true. Olivia is the perfect daughter for our family and I love her to pieces.


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